Concertina bellow plungers

“These concertina plungers, sometimes known as suction plungers, really do work at dislodging drains throughout the home.”

Heavy duty

ergonomic design

creates more force to clear the issue

easy to use and clean

flex aids storage

great value

unique bellow design

The concertina plastic construction in the unique bellow design, which is different to a traditional plunger, ensures that you are pushing water and air at the blockage, which means more force can be used to clear debris.

They are flexible and very effective at clearing blockages in all types of sink, basin, bath or toilet. For maximum effect ensure the bellows are at least half full with water. Use a back and forth motion to push and pull the blockage. With a tight seal the backwards motion will actually suck the water away from the blockage.

For very heavy blockages this is necessary in order to break it up and let the full impact of the force push it away.

The concertina range of plungers are small enough to fit into a small cupboard

For the larger items in the range, the handle can be removed

increased flexibility

Easier to use