“With a rubber lip, you can get 100% seal and an easy grip handle gives you better control. The unique concertina bellow design ensures you hit blockages with power!”

strong Rubber Lip for 100% Seal

Easy Grip 'D' Handle for better control

Guaranteed Power

Heavy duty plastic

Clear blocked drains FAST

No SplaSh Back

the full pro product range



Guaranteed Power

Designed to deliver guaranteed power, our PRO ranges of plungers boast a rubber lip that creates a 100% seal, allowing you to plunge with confidence, knowing that our high-quality plungers will provide a watertight seal every time.

The easy grip handle provides superior control, allowing you to tackle any blockage with precision and ease. The heavy-duty construction of our plungers ensures they can handle even the toughest clogs, making them a reliable tool for any plumbing task. 

Plus, with our innovative design, you can bid farewell to dreaded splashbacks, making your plunging experience cleaner and more sanitary than ever before.

Buffalo PRO Plungers have a strong Rubber Lip

that Creates a 100% seal every time

Easy Grip 'D' Handle provides superior control

allowing you to tackle any blockage with precision and ease